Have you ever had a day where you feel like you just can’t with dressing up, even though you have places to go and need to be somewhat presentable? Welcome to adulthood.

I often have these days, but I’ve mastered a fool-proof clothing formula (look at me, using mathematics even though I swore off it in like, grade 10) to always looking fashion-forward, despite how I feel.

1.Denim jacket

There’s a reason that we look more fashionable in fall/Winter months: Jackets. They just add that extra something that ties everything together. When it’s blistering hot, a denim jacket with rolled up sleeves will make you look cool, while still keeping you cool. This oversized Hey Betty jacket from Truworths does exactly that. I usually pair denim jackets with different colour jeans to avoid looking like Justin and Britney in 2001, or over a knee-length bodycon dress.

2. Printed Tee

How to get away with wearing the same jeans every day this week without anyone noticing? A printed, eye-catching tee. I love this flamingo one by Hey Betty from Truworths because, you know, flamingos.

3. Ankle boots with a slight heel

This has to be one of my favourite tips. On days you’d rather be wearing sneakers, wear ankle boots with a chunky heel. It gives your body that elongated look of wearing a proper heel, but is so comfy and easy to walk in. Pair this with a flowy white dress, and you’re Spring ready!

4. Something Gold

There’s something about gold detailing that just makes an outfit look that much more appealing. A simple belt buckle detail or a gold bangle can really elevate a look.

5. Sunnies, obvi. 

Do I even need to explain this one? I am obsessed with these Dita Axial sunnies from the Spectacle Boutique. I love gold mirror finish aviators, and these ones just have that extra appeal that I have yet to come across. Dita is a brand from LA, founded in 1995 using only the best Japanese materials. They have over 40 factories that each pair of sunnies go to in order to make sure that each element of them, right down to the screw, is perfect.