It’s become acceptable to walk around in your ‘jama’s during the day sans judgement; in fact, you’ll even be admired. Provided you’re wearing the right kind of PJs, of course (*slowly puts away unicorn onesie*).

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t one to jump on this bandwagon immediately. In fact, I was quite late to the trend. I didn’t think it would last (remember when they tried to make pyjamas a thing back in 2015? My sister Nazmira was the first to embrace the trend and I would constantly judge her every time I saw her wearing satin anything). But it’s here and it seems to be here to stay.

This entire ensemble was new to me (aside from the shoes. I think we can all agree that pointy pumps are my thing no matter how boring it may seem. These scallop-edged ones certainly do bring a little something extra though, don’t they?). A pyjama style jumpsuit, a backpack and plum lipstick.

If your workplace is casual like that, you can get away with wearing this (maybe on a Friday?) and my favourite part of the entire outfit (and a lot of the Dune bags) is that the front part of the bag detaches from the backpack and becomes a mini clutch that perfectly holds a phone and a card and maybe a small lipgloss, which means post-work drinks/date night doesn’t need a separate bag. Win.

This jumpsuit is from Lipsy London, and the bag and shoes are both from Dune. Scroll down for more!