As a beauty blogger, I get sent dozens of products to review. Lots of them don’t make it to the blog, but there are some that I get so excited about that I practically squeal with excitement.

Such is the case with Lancome. As a brand, they’re constantly bringing out products that make you do a double-take and think, “wait, what?” because it is always something that you’ve never seen before. They’re constantly challenging the boundaries and just when you think you have seen it all in the makeup world, they turn around and say “lol, you THOUGHT.”

Let’s get into the reviews (spoiler alert: I love ’em all.)

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation

 No saving the best for last here, this product is my favourite, hands down.

It is a liquid foundation in a compact with a cushion-like concept; so basically you use the sponge provided, press down onto the cushion to release product and dab onto your skin (I have tried it with a buffing brush and with a beauty blender but the sponge provided seriously gives the most seamless finish). I think what shocked me the most is just how full-coverage this foundation is considering it has a very liquidy consistency.

Having said that, I don’t think it would be ideal for oily skin types. It has more of an eggshell finish, rather than matte so it may slide. For my dry skin, however, it does wonders. I have been using it almost daily (because who doesn’t want to constantly look flawless?) and so far, it hasn’t ever oxidized or changed colour on my skin.

I do love that Lancome has included yellow-based skin tones in their foundation shades because often I find that with luxury brands, foundations tend to be more on the pink side.

The best part though is the fact that Lancome has introduced foundation refills. So instead of constantly needing to repurchase the entire compact (and throwing it out when it’s finished), you can just buy a refill at a cheaper price which is such a win.

The full compact retails at R499 and the refills at R350. Do yourself a favour and go to the Lancome counter and try this product out.

Grandiose Liquid Liner

The new grandiose eyeliner is probably the coolest/strangest product from the lot. It’s a waterproof liquid liner with a swivel head to really get that cat-eye right once and for all. The fact that the brush can angle whichever way you want helps to get a seriously thin line, as well as a flick that’s always on fleek (see what I did there?). I personally was very intimidated by this product initially. I felt like it was not going to work at all, and I was going to end up with liner on my brows.

I was so wrong. If you’re struggling with liner, this is the product to get. It’s basically fool-proof, and very very hard to mess up.

The only thing I can fault, though, it that it’s not very true to its colour. I have it in the blue shade, and I expected a bright, cobalt blue and it dries to more of a navy shade. Having said that, it is a beautiful colour for brown eyes, and very opaque and long lasting.

Grandiose Extreme Mascara

I have reviewed the Lancome Grandiose Mascara previously on the blog, however this new formula is set out to give mega volume and really fan out your lashes to give a dramatic effect. I personally love all the Lancome mascaras, and this one in particular due to its swan-shaped neck. The purpose of this shape is to be able to reach lashes right at the root, without having it smudge all over the place. When I studied my makeup course, our lecturer actually told us to bend our mascara wands into this shape to give the best effect (so it looks like Lancome took makeup artists’ best kept secret and brought it to the public!).

I wouldn’t wear this mascara during the day because it’s very dramatic. It kind of gives that false lash effect, and I find that it really lifts the lashes well without needing to curl them. Even though it’s a volumizing mascara, it doesn’t make your lashes clumpy at all which is a huge plus for me.

The only thing I can fault is that it takes very long to dry and if you’re like me and mascara makes you sneeze sometimes (I still can’t seem to figure out why this is), it can mean that it smudges on the lower lash line. However, the best tip for removing smudged mascara is to let it dry then gently “scrape” it off (scrape sounds like such a harsh word especially when undereye areas are involved. It basically means that when the mascara is dry it can be gently lifted instead of smudging it further by trying to remove it when it’s still wet).

What are your favourite Lancome products?