I am not one to splurge on luxury items without thinking about it for far too long. I have to rationalize why I want to spend that much on a clothing item and justify, in my mind, why it’s worthy of having a spot in my closet.

In general, my clothes consist of high street items, such as these jeans from River Island, but every now and again I find something high-end that I have to have.

I have been coveting this blazer from Balmain ever since I saw it. There is something so incredibly timeless about a classic black blazer with gold detailing. There’s very little that it doesn’t match, which is why I decided to take the plunge and buy it on my recent trip to Dubai.

I consider items like these investment pieces. I don’t see it ever going out of style (they do update it seasonally with different fabrications, suited to the weather), and it’s become my grab-and-go jacket. It’s easily styled up or down, and because I’m more of a golden-gal, it always matches my jewelry.

For this month (and it may be a theme I want to stick to) I will be styling certain items in different ways. My focus of this month will be this blazer (if you’re not keen on buying something high-end, Forever New has a very similar version) because I think my personal style is just like that. You’ll see me wearing the same item hundreds of times on my blog, simply because I have to use it to its maximum capacity.

I wouldn’t buy an item unless I can style it in 3 different ways with existing items in my closet on the spot. If I can’t, chances are if I buy it I’ll wear it once and forget about it. As a blogger, there’s a lot of somewhat pressure to constantly be in new clothes, following new trends and having almost daily updates of items that have never been featured before.

Some girls get it right, and some, like me, steer away from that notion altogether. The concept of the fashion industry being so obsessed with being fast that if consumers could rip it off the model and wear it right that second they would is something that is fascinating but also shameful. Fashion shouldn’t be so disposable. It should have longevity; the same amount of effort and love that goes into creating a garment should go into wearing it.

I’m all about slow fashion.

Blazer: Balmain / Top: Cotton On / Sunglasses: Prada via The Spectacle Boutique / Jeans: River Island / Shoes: Steve Madden