urban decay prep prime set

There are very few products (if any!) that I dislike from Urban Decay. Aside for being a brand that constantly changes the makeup industry with their innovative products, the products in general work incredibly well on my skin tone and features.

As a general rule, I don’t often use a Primer because I have dry skin (which means my makeup usually lasts relatively long). Having said that, I know that a primer serves as a base for foundation, to give a smooth finish and hide imperfections such as pores and fine lines. Urban Decay has launched a range of amazing primers and sprays with their new Prep, Prime, Set product range and I’m lucky enough to try out 3 of them. Reviews below.


This is a game changer. It’s basically a sunscreen in a primer form, so none of that greasy, sticky, turn-your-face-white thing that we all hate. It’s SPF30, which means it’s not the best protection for a day at the beach but if you’re working indoors it’s definitely sufficient, and one of the very few makeup products with such a high SPF. Another plus is that it can be reapplied over your foundation (didn’t I tell you it’s a game changer?) without affecting it.

It has a very silicon-like texture like most primers do, but it does make a difference in terms of pores for me. I love how my foundation looks with this primer underneath, and I’ve found that I actually use less foundation when I do.  I personally pat a primer onto my skin rather than rub it in, to get a full-on flawless effect.

I have tried using this as just a sunscreen, which wasn’t the best idea. I have a horrible habit of rubbing my face (germy, I know) when I don’t have on makeup, so the primer, unfortunately, rubbed off as a residue (even though it does claim not to leave a residue). If you’re not like me and can keep your paws off your face, it may work well without foundation or BB cream (I would recommend maybe setting it with a translucent powder, though!)

prep, prime, set urban decay


This product doesn’t feel like a primer at all, in fact, it feels a little like an exfoliator. It has a gritty texture, which would help foundation cling to the primer and make your makeup long lasting.

It definitely does adjust according to your skin tone, and gives a hyper-flawless effect, especially in photos. I definitely would recommend this product for brides, especially if you’re not keen on wearing a ton of foundation to look perfect.

I also found that it corrected the redness around my nose area. It’s very subtle, so that’s probably why, but it did save me the task of needing to conceal that area. It’s a product that aims to control shine, too, however, I can’t vouch for this as I have dry skin and have only used it at night.

I can say, though, that from all the products this one impressed me the most. From the way it feels on my skin to the way it stays true to its claims, I can’t fault it in any way.


This isn’t a new product, however, the packaging has changed from the white to black, after complaints of the white looking rather battered after a short while as it stained easily from other makeup products (aka foundation fingers). Urban Decay’s makeup setting sprays are definitely my top choice when it comes to setting sprays. I used it for my wedding as explained in this post (head over there for a full breakdown on how much I love it).

I don’t use setting sprays as often as before, and I use it more on occasions or if I have a day time event outside, but it definitely can also serve as a refresher mist throughout the day especially on hot days.

What are your ultimate prep, prime, set products?