“Tale as old as time…”

In celebration of the official Beauty and the Beast release this month, I did a modern day Belle inspired outfit post with Armani Exchange (via The Surtee Group).

If you know me from when I was a kid, I was always obsessed with anything Disney related, especially the Princess movies. I’ve watched and owned all the videos (back in the day when there were VCRs and not everything downloaded onto a hard drive!). I can’t say I have a favourite, but Beauty and the Beast resonated best with me because of Belle’s obsession with reading and libraries. That’s something that, again, I have had since I was a child, and hasn’t left me.

I get ridiculously excited when I see a reenactment of a classic; the updated graphics, the modern twist, it all comes together so perfectly. I can’t wait to watch it this month, and I may just go wearing this exact outfit! The idea of pairing a soft feminine item like a yellow dress with something more masculine and hard wearing like this faux leather jacket just works; Belle definitely seems like the kind to oppose the norm, shake up the village and rock a leather jacket!

PS: Do yourself a favour and watch Ariana Grande and John Legend sing Beauty and the Beast (link above); you definitely will get as excited as I am for the release!

Both these items can be found at the Armani Exchange store at the Mall of Africa