A lot of people ask me, how did you become successful as a blogger? To which I reply, What? Me? I am not nearly a successful blogger! However, there are a few moments in my blogging career where I feel unashamed to say that I am proud of what it has become, and this post represents one of those moments: working with Armani.

I gulped even as I typed that. As a fashion blogger and someone who has a degree in fashion, it’s impossible for me not to have immense respect for fashion designers and brands who have made the kind of impact in the industry like they have. I know the hard work that goes into building a brand. I have studied their stories and struggles to success. So to be working with them, and other luxury brands thanks to The Surtee Group who have made the brands accessible in South Africa, is truly a dream come true.

This look is by Armani Exchange (you can find them at the Mall of Africa in Gauteng). My favourite part of the entire look was the jeans. I was very surprised at how well it fitted; I didn’t try it on in store as I was in a rush but I just went with my usual size and it fitted like a glove. I also love the fact that it wasn’t long for me (#shortpeopleproblems), and it was the perfect balance between stretchy (which made it comfortable) and hard denim (which means it holds your form better and is slimming).

I tried to base this look around working-functional, with pieces that will be timeless and able to be worn over and over again in various ways. I like the idea of investing in quality, designer pieces rather than just going for whatever is in for the season. I also chose a navy coat over the usual black; I definitely see it as a colour that will be making waves this Winter!

winter chic with armani