If you’ve ever had anything designed and sewn, you’d know that finding the right fabric is harder than just picking one and getting a move on. There are so many elements involved: it has to be the right drape, the right stretch, the perfect colour, just to name a few. For years, I have been buying my fabric from Moosa’s Sales Room at the Oriental Plaza. They have the biggest selection I’ve ever seen locally, and I’ve never been disappointed where I haven’t found something I was looking for.

They’ve recently gotten in stunning fabrics for A/W17, so I have collaborated with them to showcase some of the imported pieces. 

I almost always have any special occasion or event outfits designed and sewn by Breeze, because I prefer how items look tailor-made to my body type. Buying a dress is costly enough, so having something unique and completely customized is something that I would rather spend a little bit more on, knowing I would never clash with another person (cringe!) and have a garment with longevity.

These jumpsuits worn on Rohab and I were for the L’Oreal Women of Worth event that took place last Thursday. It was a prestigious occasion that demanded something beautiful. The designer at Breeze advised us as to what fabric we’d need after showing him our inspiration picture (I find this a vital step if you’re getting something sewn. Rather seek advice prior to buying fabric from the designer you’re using as they’ll be able to tell you exactly what fabric is needed and how much of it you’ll need).

moosa's fabrics plaza

At Moosa’s, the process was simple as the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, so matching up fabric, which was effortless.

Sunglasses are Ray-Ban via The Spectacle Boutique. I am so obsessed with these! It’s not something I would think would suit my face because of its unique shape but it’s surprisingly flattering. Plus, it’s rose gold so that’s always a win.

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