When I started blogging, I used to be adverse to trends. I kind of wanted my own, unique style and I didn’t really care if it was “in fashion” or not. I distinctly remember going to campus once wearing a black and white striped blouse, orange full skirt, yellow belt and emerald green shoes. Sort of like a mish mash between Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place and Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City; it worked, but it was a little outrageous.

Since my style has evolved, I have also succumbed to embracing trends. I’m less turn-my-nose-up-at-something-everyone-is-wearing, and more you’ve seen this trend/item everywhere, this is how I would style it. I think that’s what blogging has also evolved into – how to wear something that is currently in stores and easily accessible. I love it when people ask me where a certain item is from because I’m always keen to share; it’s pointless having a blog if you don’t want people to go out and buy the thing.

The point of my lengthy introduction was that I have been loving the oversized jacket trend lately. You can see how I styled an oversized, glittery bomber jacket in this post,  but an oversized denim jacket is my ultimate favourite. This ripped one is from River Island (have you seen how gorgeous their clothing is lately?) and is still shapely even though it’s oversized. I love the shade of blue, it kind of reminds me of the jackets from 2000 when denim on denim was a (bigger than it is now) thing (Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears vibes). I love that it can work both dressed up or down, and since I barely ever trade my stilettos for sneakers, I figured showing you an easy dress-down-but-still-look-glam outfit would be good.

I’m also obsessed with these D&G sunglasses from The Spectacle Boutique (read my post here about why they’re the best place to get sunnies and get an exclusive discount code); it’s not something I would usually pick up, so I was so surprised at how gorgeous it looked on.

More outfit details at the end of the post

oversized denim jacketJacket: River Island | Dress: H&m | Sunglasses: D&G via The Spectacle Boutique | Sneakers: Adidas Superstars