I find fashion an extraordinary fun and exciting avenue to express oneself with or without being audacious. It’s incredible how much of your personality gets spilt over into what you wear and how you wear it. I admire those who can carry off bold prints or unmatched colours with so much of confidence, as much as I admire those who wear an old tee and boyfriend jeans with as much grandiose.

I, as you can see, aspire to be the latter. A lot of my wardrobe consists of the bare basics, that I try and inject some of my own personality into. It comes back to the concept of minimalism – which I am also trying to incorporate into my wardrobe as well as other aspects of my life. I could probably put together 10 combinations of black top – blue jeans – black shoes and they would all look completely different, and that’s what fascinates me about fashion. It’s less about what you wear, and more about how you wear it. I think Kendall Jenner (who you might have noticed is a huge style inspiration for me – she just does laid-back-cool so well!) has mastered this. While a lot of her outfits are designer, it’s simple pieces that can be easily mimicked at a more affordable price, and I think that resonates with me as a blogger. I don’t simply share what I’m wearing for you to see what kind of clothes I have, but more for you to be able to be inspired by my style or be able to go out and buy what I have or something similar and have an idea of how it can be worn.

Top: Bershka / Jeans: The Fix / Shoes: Steve Madden