I keep in my handbag


Whenever I know I’m going to be out the entire day, I always make sure I have a relatively big bag with me. I prefer to be extra prepared than caught off guard, especially when it comes to makeup. There’s often times where I’m out the entire day and am going out for the evening as well, with no time to go home to change/freshen up, so I love to keep a few basic makeup essentials in a small bag that are light and easy to lug around to quickly change up my look. 

5 makeup essentials for your handbag

Eyeliner + Eyeliner brush

 Chances are, by the end of the day your eyeliner has either faded or chipped away; applying a fresh coat will make you feel more awake. Also, a tip I learned a couple of years ago was that instead of reapplying mascara (which only ends up in a clumpy mess) you can simply apply eyeliner to the tips of your lashes to make your mascara look freshly applied (pictured: Inglot gel liner and Real Techniques silicone brush)

Nude Pink or Coral lipstick

A nude pink or coral lipstick matches just about any outfit, and can be doubled up as a cream blush to give your face some colour which is a bonus – I love multitasking products! (pictured: NYX Liquid Lingerie lipstick)


Also known as the instant brightener – reapplying concealer especially under your eyes will give your face warmth and a fresh look (Pictured: NYX HD Concealer, read more about it in this post)

Setting spray

 I alternate between a setting spray and a face mist. The idea of spraying my face with something cooling just makes me feel so awake (Pictured: NYX Dewy Setting spray. If you’re keen to know how to get a dewy look, see this post!)

Brown Eyeshadow

 Brown eyeshadow works for so many things; Filling in your brows (just make sure you pop in an angled brush!) creating a subtle eyeliner if you were only wearing mascara and you want something more, creating the quickest, easiest smokey eye, or even contouring your face lightly! Just make sure it’s matte so it can be used for all of the above.

What are the makeup essentials you always have on you?