Black and red fashion outfit

New year, new… blog?

It’s finally 2017. I’d be lying if I said 2016 was the worst year of my life, but it definitely was the longest year. I think if I could some up ’16 in one word it would be growth. Every single thing that happened aided to me growing in some way or the other, and hopefully with that, 2017 will mean full bloom.

I’ve been wanting to change my blog around for ages but never got down to it. I guess I’m definitely one of those people where a new year brings about new things, and so far so good (okay it’s only been like, 2 weeks?).

To kick start the year, I have a style post that shows off one of my new year’s resolutions: minimalism. I definitely want this year to be about less noise and clutter – in every aspect of my life; one of my goals is to get rid of something, the second I buy something else. I think, as a blogger (or, actually, as a privileged human in general) we get so caught up in “needing” stuff all. the. time. that we don’t realize how much unnecessary, unneeded nonsense we accumulate. It’s so easy to hoard, especially since back-in-the-day trends almost always come back into fashion and you often look back and think I should’ve kept that; but unless you had to save up for a good few months to buy it (and if this is the case, why are you buying trendy items and not classics?) you can always let it go, and it can always be replaced.

The same goes for homeware. As a fairly new homeowner, it’s easy to constantly want to buy new things because it’s so gorgeous! But really, you don’t need 20 serving platters and 50 vases (talking from experience without exaggeration).

Less is definitely more.

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all black fashion outfit

Top: Zara / Jeans: Refinery / Bag: Zara / Sunglasses: Burberry from Sunglass Hut / Shoes: Forever21 / Lipstick: Vice Lipstick by Urban Decay in 714