If you’ve ever struggled with getting that scarf to stay on your head, the turban is your answer. I cannot reiterate how comfortable it is, and can almost kick myself for not trying it out before. I still don’t think it’s a true form of Hijab (neither is skinny jeans but it’s a step), but I’m glad that now instead of thinking “I’m just going to Pick and Pay, I don’t need a scarf”, I quickly put on a turban and I’m good to go. It’s better than nothing.

Every year in Ramadan I try and take small steps towards bettering my sense of dressing: to dress more conservatively and of course eventually don the headscarf. It’s not easy and I commend those who do it so effortlessly. My wardrobe is slowly (very slowly!) towards looser, longer length garments, and to be honest it’s becoming easier to come by clothes that fit the niche. A lot of the time, stores cater for women who dress more modestly, and I think modest fashion is on the rise and slowly being considered as being more stylish than the scantily dressed counterparts (Just look at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; they’re basically the world’s number 1 icons and most of the time they’re wearing what could easily pass as abayas! See here, here and here). Not forgetting the countless Ramadan collections Western designers are bringing out (and that infamous Dolce and Gabbana Abaya collection).

Who are your modest style icons?


PS, I’m wearing: Jersey: H&M (they’re on sale now for R200!) | Jeans: Forever21 | Necklace: Forever21 | Heels: Sissy Boy | Bag: Forever New | Headscarf: Vintage