I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I was exploring Morocco and all the hidden treasures it has to offer.

If there’s one thing I hate when traveling, it’s a heavy bag (or worse, multiple bags). I’m a relatively light traveler, but generally traveling light doesn’t always allow one to be absolutely flawlessly stylish day in and day out. I happen to have a few tips and tricks that I follow tirelessly when I travel, whether it’s a quick trip in the country, or a lengthily overseas vacay.

Here are my top tips for staying stylish whilst traveling light:

Pack neutrals that you can repeat 

Blue jeans, black tights, white T-Shirts, black jacket: all of these are basics that can be dressed up in different ways over and over again and no one will be notice.


Cut down on jewelry

It’s a known fact that jewelry often changes the look of an outfit, but when traveling, jewelry quickly becomes the heaviest thing in your suitcase. Stick to smaller things like rings and earrings, and take around 3 statement necklaces that you can rotate.


Make Lists

I’m that person who has hundreds of notes on my phone to remember anything and everything. Making an excel list of what to pack, however, not only helps you from forgetting what you need to pack, it also prevents you from over packing.


Plan day to day outfits

In conjunction with making lists, write down each outfit you’ll wear a day right down to the shoes and jewelry. When packing into the suitcase, make sure that you pack according to the outfits. (i.e. don’t put all the T-Shirts together, all the jeans together etc. Pack each full outfit in your bag at a time). This means less time trying to figure out what you packed and putting outfits together on the day.


Keep your shoes neutral

I always pack a maximum of two heels on a trip: One nude and one black. It’s foolproof. When it comes to flats, I want something that’ll look flattering while remaining comfy. I love ankle boots that have a slight heel (like these from Forever21) because somehow they still work, even in Summer. I always take another black flat, and one pretty beach sandal that’s in a neutral colour and generally sparkly.


Alternate bags

I usually take one big hand bag that can fit everything from my wallet to my camera in it. But my DSLR is insanely heavy, so if you’re traveling with a partner it’s wise to take a (very in) backpack so you can take turns carrying it. I always take 3 or 4 small clutches with when traveling. They always look very stylish, and barely take up any space.

Pack lighter fabrics

I have about 4 maxi dresses that I love, but only two of them fold up really small so I generally take those two along on holiday. I also love maxi dresses that work during the day or in the evening, because you can always switch it up. (A black or grey maxi works great in this aspect).

Pack clothes that require less effort

If you have a top that you love, but it’s really low so you have to wear something inside, and you also have to wear a jersey over because you can’t possibly wear sleeveless, here’s a tip: leave it out. You should be packing clothes that require the least amount of effort. Like this pattern blouse (from H&M) that’s longer length, very light and cool, and extremely flattering. (I also wore it tucked into a black pants with a denim jacket on the same trip. It’s easy to switch around a few key pieces).


Change up your hair and makeup

And if you really can’t get your clothes to work for you, making sure your hair and makeup is flawless and different each day will amp up a mediocre outfit.