There’s just something about red lipstick and heels that can make even the most ordinary looks, look glamorous.

On another note, a lot of you have been noticing that I’ve been wearing sunglasses in my recent posts, something I don’t usually do. I have this weird love-hate relationship with shades: I think that they look extremely stylish on, but chances are I spent a lot of time doing my eye makeup so I hate covering it all up. I almost never buy expensive sunnies (cos 1, I lose them and 2, I hardly wear them) but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

After a recent holiday sunburn (I’ve never sunburned before now) that actually made me sick (yep- you can get flu like symptoms from a friggen sunburn, as if not being able to touch your skin isn’t bad enough) and the massive heatwaves, I’ve been physically and emotionally scarred, and upping my dosage of sunscreen and, well, usage of sunnies.

Where do you always find the perfect pair?


PS, I’m wearing: Jeggings, plaid shirt and sunnies: H&M | Top: Cotton On | Ring: River Island | Bag: Nine West | Shoes: Forever21 IMG_0852