Almost two weeks of the new year has already gone by, and that floors me. I think every year, we all hope that it’ll be “our year”; endless success in all areas of our lives, and a drive for the first few months like we have never experienced before. New years’ resolutions come and go, some actually mastered whereas others’ fizzled out and dragged into the next year. One thing that I have found that is constant every year is that there will be as many lows as they are highs. It’s inevitable, and as much as we want our years to be constant perfection for the next 365 days, it’s aspiring to the impossible. But that’s okay though, we need the midnight tears when everything feels like it’ll never be okay, to appreciate the midday sunshine basking on the beach when nothing seems to matter but the sound of crashing waves.


Dress: Cotton On, Bracelets: Mr Price, Necklaces: Lovisa, Flash Tattoo: Mr Price, Sunnies: Factorie

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