I personally find mani’s and pedi’s can truly make a person look a lot more put together than the fanciest hairstyle. As a Muslim girl, getting a manicure generally means skipping the nail polish part, because you’ll have to remove it almost immediately to perform Wudhu (ablution for prayer).

There has been a lot of talk regarding the new nail polish by cosmetic company INGLOT regarding their O2M range of nail polish.

Nail polish itself is not Haraam (not permissible/against the religion of Islam). The issue with it, is that water cannot penetrate through nail polish thus making it problematic.  INGLOT’s O2M range is permeable to water, thus making it supposedly possible to make Wudhu over it.

But many debate whether it truly is “Halaal”. There has been a test performed regarding whether the water truly seeps through, and the answer is yes! Read more on the article here. It has also been approved by Imam Mustafa Umar.

So what’s your opinions, guys? Certified Halaal or still a little skeptical?

15 thoughts on “INGLOT | 02M NAIL POLISH: HALAAL?

  1. I suppose a decision would also include who an individual follows,i.e which Mufti,Sheikh etc and what his view is concerning the issue..personally, no,I wouldn’t feel 100% and would always have doubt as to whether my wudhu and salah was accepted..

  2. I must agree, an elegant mani and pedi is really quite stylish. However, I’m not entirely convinced of the arguments put forward. I still have a doubt in my heart regarding this, and well the hadith regarding doubt is clear: “Leave that about which you are in doubt for that about which you are in no doubt.” Al-Tirmidhi

    Maybe I should attempt to do the experiment myself and it could convince me.

    Anyway, I noticed that Topshop has peel off nail polish. Have you tried that? It’s reminiscent of Tinkerbell make-up days (I guess I’m giving away my age by mentioning that!) I think applying, peeling off, and reapplying would get tedious though.

  3. I also feel that I have a doubt,and I did purchase one but removed it for salaah n wudhu… Also I think what if I have to die with it on, isn’t chemicals not permissable on the janaazah so how will they remove it? That’s my biggest fear.

  4. There’s been so much debate on overseas blogs surprised its taken so long for us to argue over it !!thanks for bringing it up .inglot isn’t the only ‘halaal’product available .other countries have generally accepted it I’ve contacted our local ulemas and they’ve all been reluctant to approve any yet .i think a few drops on the nail bed isn’t sufficient for wudhu validity ,while I’m hopeful for approval I have to admit that I think it’s more wishful thinking !thank u for raising the issue

  5. I’ve tried the same experiment as Mustafas- water only seeped through overnight and not evenly across all areas😔would love to see other ladies try it too n share your results !!

  6. I believe that even though even though it may be water-permeable, it is still tantamount to imitating the kuffaar, so I wouldn’t use it on those grounds.

  7. I do not believe that we should be risking the acceptance of our wudhu and salaah simply for pretty manicured nails….

  8. When I first saw this I was sooo psyched, went straight to inglot… But as luck wud hav it on that day there was a muslim saleslady who said its not halaal… So preferred to stay away….

  9. Inglot had boards (in May 2013) placed at all the water soluble counters in Dubai saying that Saudi ulema have NOT deemed it permissible. Allah knows best

  10. So here’s some more evidence that inglot doesn’t work and does not allow water to go through it.. Looks like inglot has been making some false claims 😦

  11. There’s another brand called Tuesday in Love that actually allows water to permeate through. People have been comparing it against inglot and it seems to be the better brand.

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