I often get asked questions about what are the essential makeup items that every girl should own, or where to start when buying makeup.

So I compiled a list of my personal favourites, the tools to use them, where to purchase them and approximate price- shopping for basics has never been easier!


  • Moisturizer: Garnier BB cream (read review here) | R79.99 | Clicks Pharmacies
  • Foundation: MAC Studio Sculpt- I love this foundation for it’s lightness but full coverage, perfect for events or evenings | R285 | MAC/Edgars
  • Essence concealer: I love this trio as the green can be used for red blemishes and the orange for dark circles | R30 | Clicks Pharmacies
  • Blending sponge, streak free, smooth application | R100 | Purchase from me


  • Sleek eyeshadow palette, neautral colours are an ideal start for a kit | R100 | Foschini
  • MAC Fluidline, gel liner is safe to both on and inside your eye- bargain! | R130 | MAC
  • Maybelline Illegal Length, read my review here | R90 | Clicks Pharmacies
  • Fluffy eyeshadow brush will work best for beginners, and a fine liner brush for gel liner application | Price on request | Kryolan


  • Revlon lipstick, choose a colour that is similar to your natural lip colour | R100 | Clicks
  • Maybelline gloss, long lasting and a variety of flavours | R80 | Clicks
  • Essence blush, I love their blushes as it has a healthy sheen | R45 | Clicks
  • Blush brush, there is no need to shell out a lot of cash for a blush brush. Try a stipling brush that won’t deposit a lot of colour at a time, thus giving you better control | Clicks

Prices may vary

Hope this post helped you!