part 2


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There’s a micro trend that I’ve been noticing lately: Spanish and Latin influence in dressing (and food, for that matter. Pass the Guac.) Maybe it’s influenced (or enhanced) by the likes of Despacito being the song of the year or RiRi’s dressing in Wild Thoughts, but it’s definitely there.

Without crossing the borders of cultural appropriation (no Sombrero’s, please), it’s easy to add a little Spanish flair into your dressing, be it from excessive frills, bold floral prints, the usual off the shoulder style top, or even just the colour red.

This pants from Ruhee Collection seriously appealed to this trend that I absolutely love, especially paired with a one sleeve top. This was probably one of my favourite shoots to date, and whilst I usually steer clear of colour, this felt exceptionally stylish, especially for Spring!

Head on over to Ruhee Collection on Instagram to see more of their range as well as their contact details.