I have been super quiet on the blog lately (blame no WiFi!), and yet I have so much to talk about. I’m running a few giveaways soon, I have a whole lot of outfit posts to share and some beauty tricks up my sleeve, but just bear with me until I can get it all up.

If any of you follow me on Social Media, you’ll know that I chopped my hair! I absolutely loved having long, luscious hair (I haven’t had short hair since I was like, 9) but I needed a change and a bit of a pick me up. In all honesty, I don’t regret it at all. Shoulder length hair is doing so much more for my face, and I just feel so much lighter. There’s lots of perks with short hair – amazing thickness, less conditioner and OMG, literally 5 minutes of drying time! Kelsey (@kelseyvardy) did an amazing job with it, and I can’t seem to get enough of looking in the mirror and seeing basically a new person staring back.

I kept this outfit pretty minimal and monochrome to let my hair take center stage (although those shoes are definitely competing for attention!)

Outfit details at the end of the post


Pants: Forever21 / Top: Zara/ shoes: Legit / choker and belt: shop Brett Robson