I was recently invited to Aronia Day Spa in Houghton to experience their Luxury Tranquillity Journey. I did go to the spa in January with some girl friends as per the recommendation of my friend Muniba, and absolutely loved it so I was keen to see what this experience would be like.

To be completely honest, I don’t see how another spa could possibly top this one. If I had to rate it out of 10, I’d give it a 20.

I’m not usually a detail-orientated person, but the fact that they pay attention to every little detail sets this spa apart from the rest.

Upon arrival

The spa is located on 11th avenue in Houghton (so like 10 minutes from basically everywhere in Johannesburg) and although it’s on one of the busier streets, you completely forget where you are once inside.

The luxury tranquillity journey was a full day experience, with lunch in between. It included a full body massage, a facial, a mani and Pedi (It’s no longer listed as it was a limited special offer). Usually, spas want to get your experience over and done with and then you can use the spa facilities as you please, however, at Aronia my masseuse recommended that I use the Jacuzzi and steam room prior to the massage and facial so I don’t end up washing everything off and it being a waste. The idea of not feeling rushed immediately put me at ease; everything was all about being relaxed and calm and truly focusing on nothing but the experience, which I loved.

The massage and facial

My husband always teases me and says that spas are for back rubs not to actually help you with knots and stress, and although I wouldn’t openly admit it to him, I secretly agreed. When my masseuse Lindiwe asked me what my problem areas were, I expected her to spend 5min extra on my shoulders and move on. To my surprise, she properly massaged out every knot and strain in my back and shoulders until she was happy, then moved onto the other areas. It honestly was the best massage experience I have ever had, and it actually made a difference to how my body felt afterwards.

Another thing that I loved (and I’ve only experienced this at one other spa) was that the masseuse placed a hot towel on my back once the massage was done, to absorb and wipe away all the excess oils. I promise you it might sound like such a basic thing, but it makes all the difference to the entire experience (like I said, it’s the little things and attention to detail that sets this spa apart!)

After the massage, and truly unique to Aronia Spa, you’re offered a shot of Aronia berry juice (which is absolutely delicious!) and some lemon water. For someone like me, I appreciated the gesture even more, because I always get dizzy after a massage and this gave me the boost I needed.

After a rather mediocre facial experience the last time I visited a spa, I was excited to get a proper facial – and it didn’t disappoint. Everything you’d expect from a classic facial was included, from steaming to minor extractions. My face felt amazing and looked even better.  I initially regretted not taking my own advice from my previous spa post about doing facials etc. first and the massage last, but this didn’t feel stressful at all. In fact, it felt more like an extension to the massage like a face massage.


Lunch and Facilities

Before my mani/Pedi, I was offered lunch (fully Halaal) from their extensive food and drink menu, and chose to have a Thai chicken wrap and a Cranberry and Peach drink. The portions are really big (enough for 3 average eaters to share from!) but incredibly divine. I haven’t tasted anything else on the menu as I didn’t have lunch the previous time I visited the spa, but from what I’ve heard, everything is delicious.

The facilities include a relaxation area which can be left open or closed (weather dependent) that overlooks the pool; I, unfortunately, didn’t get to use as it was quite cold and rainy the day I went but it is ridiculously inviting. The second area is the garden area which you can take a stroll through or enjoy some quiet time on the swing chair.

In the ladies change room, there’s a Jacuzzi and steam room that is complimentary to use when booking a treatment, and I was fortunate to go on a quiet day so I had it all to myself.


Once I was done with scrumptious lunch, it was time for the mani and pedi. I decided to just go for a shine (which, btw has still not faded and this was almost a month ago!) instead of a paint on my toes and chose a light pink shade for the mani. I didn’t get to take a picture of my mani because that same day right as I got home from the spa I slammed my finger in the door so had to take it all off. Sad. But Busi, who painted them, did such a stunning and neat job with n gaps or streaks.

The entire process consisted of, firstly, a massage chair (as if I was not relaxed enough!) a scrub, file and paint/shine. Everything you’d expect from a mani/pedi with that Aronia Spa touch.

Overall, it was such a great experience, I highly recommend this spa to anyone who is in the Johannesburg area – you will not regret it! A huge thanks to Tasneem for inviting me to experience the Spa.

Competition time

I love Aronia Day Spa so much, that I actually asked if we could run a giveaway!

One lucky person will be treated to a Tranquillity Relax experience which includes a 30min back and neck massage,  30min Indian head massage and  30min reflexology, valued at R750.

I want to keep entries really easy and simple, so all you have to do is follow me @secretsandstilettos and Aronia Day Spa @sheertouch_aronia_day_spa on Instagram and let me know why you’d like to win. Extra entries if you tag a friend.

(FYI: entries restricted to Johannesburg residents only, transport to spa not included. Winners are chosen at random and are not up for discussion. Winners announced on Friday 14 October)