I love listening to talks. I think there’s so much out there that I don’t know and so much that I want to learn about. I often sit and watch YouTube videos of Islamic lectures or Ted Talks or anything I come across that seems inspiring or that I can use to better myself in some way- be it intellectually, spiritually or just as a person.

My friend Nurhan introduced me to podcasts recently. At first, I was like that’s so 2012 then realized it’s exactly what I’ve been doing all along without the video part (which I never pay attention to anyway). I started downloading podcasts of my favourite leaders and lecturers, started discovering others that create fun podcasts that are so easy to identify with such as Millennial, and I started listening to it more and more: my morning walk/run, when I’m doing mundane housework and even in the car – and I always listen to music in the car (mini party for one where you at?). Shortly after my rather late introduction to podcasts, I was listening to 702 (typing that made me realize how very old I am) and they also touched on music being switched out for pods.

You learn something

If you’re listening to a 30min pod, chances are there’s going to be something in there that sticks with you that you’re going to think about often and reflect back to it every now and again.

You can improve an area in your life

Maybe you want to learn more about your career, or another career that you’re looking to switch to – you can simply put it in the search bar and see what comes up. I tried fashion blogger and came across some really interesting blog podcasts that I have lapped up and applied to my blog. It’s nice to have a different medium to do research other than Google and articles – and sometimes you’ve heard something before but hearing it in a fresh way sinks in a lot better.

They’re free

(Most of them, anyway. The important ones are free). You can download them in a WiFi zone and listen to them later, which is rather convenient. Considering the expanse knowledge that is waiting (literally) at your fingertips, it would be ridiculous to pass up.

You have access to experts’ knowledge you otherwise would miss out on

One of the best things that the internet has to offer is that it closes the gap between the world. The only thing between you and someone in Switzerland is that millisecond your message takes to get to them. Similarly, podcasts give you access to the wealth of knowledge of your favourite speakers or someone you admire. Chances are if they’re big in business or can teach you a thing or two about spirituality, they have a podcast.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your favourites?