If you’re an Indian person, chances are you’ve needed or been for laser hair removal. Unfortunately, we may have lots of long hair on our head, at the price of having it everywhere else too (TMI, but it’s the truth).

I’ve recently started Laser Hair Removal at Amina’s Dermal Clinic in Homestead Park (at the recommendation of my friend Rizwaana from RSR Loves)and I’ve decided to track my journey. I’ve only been for one session, and will update you throughout to see if it works and what my results were.

Today it’s officially 4 weeks post first treatment and I have only done my face thus far. I have previously done laser (the full 12 sessions) and it did not work on me. At all. It was such a waste of money so when deciding on undertaking another laser journey I had to be sure I was in professional hands. My first impression of Amina was lovely; she’s kind and makes you feel extremely comfortable and is very honest and accommodating which I loved. She assessed my skin before doing anything at all, which I felt was important and put me at ease. She also reassured me that she won’t waste my money and expects me to complete the sessions and guarantees at least reduction in the hair growth. One of the main reasons I went with Amina is because she uses the Soprano Ice Machine, which currently is the best on the market.

So far, from the first session I have had a dramatic reduction in hair growth – very few hairs grew back, although I’m not sure if my previous laser sessions have anything to do with it. Amina did say that I probably will not see results until the third or fourth session so I was pleasantly surprised.

The actual experience was not as bad as I expected it to be: It’s virtually painless aside for some of the sensitive areas which was nothing more than a slight prick. This depends completely on you, though, and your threshold for pain.

My skin was very sensitive afterwards, and broke out a lot which is apparently very normal and only means that the skin texture is improving alongside hair reduction which is a definite plus! The breakout subsided after about 2 weeks.

All in all, I’ve had a really positive experience and definitely recommend Amina thus far. She was also kind enough to give my readers a 10% discount, so if you’re keen to start laser with her, do mention that you were referred by me!

Also worth mentioning: this is not a sponsored post. I did have one free treatment; however, I am paying for the rest of my sessions and am continuing with laser because I had a positive experience, which is why I’m writing about it and recommending it to others.