I love makeup a little more than the average person, but having makeup as a hobby is an expensive one, and you can never have enough. To top it off, big brands like Makeup Forever and Anastasia Beverley Hills not only have seriously addictive products, they come with a hefty price tag to match.

That being said, I’m obsessed with dupes: products that look and feel similar but at a much cheaper price.

I recently attended the Maybelline launch for their latest product releases, and there was one product that really caught my eye. A gorgeous blush (that, by the way has a swivel/swipe mechanism to replicate touch screen smart phones!) named Coral Fever. It’s a gorgeous peachy-pink shade with a subtle gold shimmer in it, and it’s very very similar to this cult blush.

I swatched the two next to each other on my Snapchat a few weeks ago, and there’s absolutely no difference between the two in colour payoff, texture and shimmer. The only gripe that I found is that it didn’t last as long as the expensive one – but for a R400 saving, I’ll deal with my blush only lasting for 6 hours then reapplying.