The title of this post is probably one of the most researched terms, in terms of makeup. I always get complimented on my eyes, especially on my eye colour and often get asked if I’m wearing contact lenses, to the point where my sister tells me I have wolf eyes because they look more gold than brown.

But they are just plain ol’ brown, and simply accentuated in the right way.Making brown eyes stand out isn’t difficult with the right know how.

I absolutely love this palette by Stila makeup (available from selected Clicks) called Eyes are the Window Shadow palette in “Spirit”. It’s basically brown eye heaven, and has all of the shades I discuss below that are perfect for brown eyes. I’ve named the colours I recommend from the palette below

  1. Don’t be afraid of colour

My eyes look best when I have a little plum (pigalle) or pink (jezebel) mixed into the shadow; It really makes my eyes stand out. Another go-to colour? Dark blue (pewter). I usually line my bottom lashes with a bit of blue for a stand out effect.

  1. When in doubt, go for gold

Gold (oasis or wheat) is the number one shade for making brown eyes look gorgeous; it picks up on the subtle natural gold flecks that all brown eyes have. (Just be careful when using shimmer if you’re older)

  1. Groom your brows

My eyes in general stand out so much more when my brows are done well. The darkness of my brows contrasts with the lightness in my eyes and makes them look bigger and more defined

  1. Put a little shimmer on the inner corners with a bit of mascara

I’ve been doing this a lot lately (kitten- you can see on the palette it’s my most used colour) because doing a full face of makeup is so time consuming (I’d rather spend that time in bed this Winter, thank you) and yet it looks like you spent a solid hour doing your makeup. Simply put a neutral shade of matte eye shadow on your entire eyelid (or you can even use your face powder in a pinch) then dab a whole lot of shimmery shadow only on the inner corners of the eyes, then put loads (loads) of mascara to complete the look (this whole process takes 30 seconds to do). You’re done, and your eyes look amazing

  1. Try no-eyeliner eyeliner in brown or taupe.

Kim started this, but I think Gigi perfected it (but she doesn’t have brown eyes so we’re going to ignore her for a sec). Patrick Ta is the master artist behind this look (you can see it here). It’s basically lining your eyes with brown eye shadow (espresso) to accentuate them ever so subtly so it still looks incredibly natural, and makes your eyes stand out beautifully.