I’m currently taking part in the Kiehls #ChangeYourSkin campaign with Beauty Bulletin, (you can see the first post here) and tracking my progress throughout.
I was meant to post this after using the products for a week, but to be perfectly honest, after having a week filled with my nieces and nephews falling ill (babies being sick with the flu is no joke), and my dad undergoing a post-op procedure, life got in the way of blogging.
I almost never divulge this much of what’s going on in my personal life on my blog or social media, because I’m just not that way inclined (if you are, that’s entirely up to you and cool too), but I think it’s important to remind readers that there’s a real person sitting behind a laptop with real life dilemmas that don’t include throwing tantrums because size 4 in my favourite shoe was sold out (I jest!).
I’m including these finer details in this specific post because I think it’s important to remember that even if you use the best products on your face, stress is still going to affect the condition of your skin.
As is the case with me right now – my skin doesn’t look too different to my previous post, aside for a few breakouts that have nothing to do with my skin reacting to the product (which is why I didn’t include a makeup free picture this time around).
However, there are a few improvements that I can note:
 My skin is way softer. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using more creamy, moisturizing products than usual on my face, but my face feels incredibly soft and smooth.
My makeup is applying better. I usually apply the Kiehl’s products straight out the shower (when the bathroom is still pretty steamy to trap in moisture), then get dressed, so it gives the products time to sink into the skin. I usually do this with all my skincare products, but I think specifically with Kiehl’s it really does absorb well into the skin, rather than sitting on the surface.
My skin isn’t dry, despite it being Winter. I have the driest skin under the sun, especially around my T-Zone area. That dryness is basically gone, especially between my eyebrows which, for some reason, is always extremely dry and flakey (sorry, TMI!)
I have less blackheads. Despite having stress breakouts, I have virtually no blackheads, which came as a huge surprise to me because no matter what I use and how carefully I take off my makeup, I always, always have blackheads and fine pimples on my cheeks. They have completely gone, which is a huge plus in my books.
My pores have unfortunately not minimized (yet. It’s only been just over a week), but the lines around my mouth look a lot less prominent, especially in photos.
What’s your can’t-live-without Kiehls product?