I have rather temperamental skin; it can be smooth and flawless some days and have random breakouts on other days (and not hormonal related). There are a couple of changes I’ve made recently to improve my skin, like cutting down on milk and limiting my junk food intake. Another way that I’ve decided to really take charge, is take part in the Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin campaign.

I think that we sometimes categorize skin into only three things: dry, oily or combination, and only mention acne as a skin problem. But what we fail to realize is that there’s so much more to it; pigmentation, pores, dark spots or sun spots, fine lines (starting as young as 18!), uneven skin tone, flakiness, redness, the list goes on. Whilst these don’t necessarily go as noticed as much as acne, it still makes a huge difference to the appearance of skin.

One of my biggest problems is enlarged pores, even though I don’t have oily skin. Alongside that, I’ve been getting fine lines around my mouth area (price of smiling! The Olsen sisters may be onto something). I’m good at masking them, but I obviously would rather diminish them altogether. So product that I’m most excited about is Powerful – Strength Line Reducing Concentrate with Vitamin C. It aims do reduce fine lines and minimize pores.

I have only used the products once to get the feel of them; they may seem to be very rich, creamy and of course oily, but it absorbs really quickly into the skin without leaving any residue.


This is what my skin looks like right now, sans makeup and skin smoothing apps (the biggest challenge was uploading this picture!) You can notice spots on my chin, fine lines around my mouth and eyes and the dreaded pores. I’ll be tracking my skin for the next month to show any improvement made from these products.Do keep your eyes peeled!