This whole look reminded me so much of how Kendall Jenner dresses as of late. Lace ups (whether it’s the sneaker kind or the heel kind) black basic top and blue basic jeans; and yet it still makes an impact. I’m very inspired by international style icons, from the celebrities and models to the bloggers and YouTubers – they do set the pace. But if there’s one thing I stand by, is to be inspired by international but support local.
I, of course, have a soft spot and major respect for local designers because I attended LISOF and know how much of work goes into making just one garment (it’s heavily under appreciated). However, local designers are not always affordable (it’s undeniably hard to purchase a top for R2000 when you’ve seen a similar thing at H&M for R200). So when fellow blogger, Brett Robson opened up her store she managed to get the perfect balance of items that are not only bang on trend, they’re affordable AND good quality (no, really. Fabric choice is such a biggy for me and Brett does not skimp).
This cold shoulder top that I’m wearing is only R250 (!), fits perfectly and was delivered the same week. Do have a look at her online store here (she does free delivery for orders over R600!).
PS, I’m wearing: Top: Shop Brett Robson | Jeans: Forever21 | Shoes: Forever21 | Sunglasses: H&M |