When traveling abroad, I’m usually pretty adventurous easy going. I’ll eat just about anything (especially local cuisine), I’ll walk through dingy streets and trade plane rides for train rides, simply for the experience. But I am fussy about hotels.
I know this is somewhat counter intuitive, considering if you’re in a place to explore you’re likely to spend the least time at the hotel, but coming home to a nice room, comfy bed and clean sheets really makes a difference to me. I’d rather sacrifice on something else (like shopping perhaps; straight out of the fashion bloggers mouth) if it comes down to it. That being said,  it doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive hotel, and I found that in Morocco the options were endless and at relatively good rates.
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In Marrakech, Morocco, we stayed at a hotel called Kenzi Menara Palace. And indeed, palace it was.

At around R2 000 – R3 000 (weekend rates go up) a night, it was definitely a worthy hotel to relax in after a long trip from Casablanca. It reminds me a lot of The Palace Hotel in Sun City (without the scary monkey side lamps). The rooms are massive, the bed is comfortable and we stayed in a room that was on ground level and walking distance to the pool area and coffee area. The bathroom is stunning too (I have a weird habit of always checking the bathroom pictures first on a website. It determines whether I’d stay there or not).
The hotel main pool was bigger than I’ve ever seen. They have a choice of either poster style day beds (with shade) or sun loungers. It truly was the epitome of relaxation.

I tried the spa (it wasn’t the greatest), but the Hammam and Steam room are complimentary to guests.

I think my favourite part of the hotel, however, were the gardens. You could easily stroll through them for a good half an hour, admiring the different flowers and cacti. I love that Morocco is filled to the brim with Bougainvillea (my favourite of all favourites) in every colour. It was slightly surprising to see that much of green in a dessert area.
All in all, Kenzi Menara is definitely a recommended hotel if you’re visiting Marrakech. It’s  extremely relaxing, has a mix of traditional Moroccan and contemporary elements, is relatively central and taxis are easily accessible.
PS, I’m wearing: Dress: Cotton On | Necklace: Aldo | Lipstick: L’Oreal JLo Red