I basically only ever wear matte lipstick when it comes to red; mainly because it lasts so much longer and it just adds so much more glam than a glossy lip.
That being said, I don’t usually have a “go to” lipstick; I usually just switch between a few of my favourites. Here’s my top 4, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

L’Oreal Colour Rouge in JLo

This colour is my favourite from the lot. It suits literally everyone, and is more of a deep red than fire truck. Very sexy!

Maybelline Colourshow in Red Diva

This isn’t a very matte lipstick, but I included it because it leans more towards the matte side. If you’re new to reds or hesitant to try because makeup isn’t always your thing, try this because it can glide on pretty sheer whilst still having staying power.

L’Oreal Infallible Mega gloss Matte

Yes, it’s a gloss. Yes, it’s matte. This lip product needs a little more work to get it to stay (aka apply, blot and apply again so it fades out into a stain). Unlike other matte lipsticks, this doesn’t dry on your lips. It’s a good thing because if your lips are drier but you still want to wear matte lipsticks, this is perfect because it still keeps your lips moisturized and doesn’t end up flaking off. However, unlike other mattes, it does transfer off a little easier but does leave behind a great stain.
Maybelline Super Stay 24h Ultimate Red in Hot Coral

If you want a more fun red that leans towards the orangey side, this is by far my favourite. The lasting power is insane, and your lips still stay moisturized with the balm stick (I end up using a tiny bit of cherry Baby Lips over it to keep my lips moisturized instead). My only con is that it does tend to flake off rather than fade out into a stain, and you can’t really reapply it without removing everything and starting over. Still a gorgeous option!
What’s your go to red lipstick?