I’ve been to the train station many a times, but haven’t actually explored what it’s really like – the rusticness of it all. It’s been here for years, with its whispers of countless memories floating on and off the platforms, traveling through the country. It’s a nostalgic feeling; to visit a place so every day and common; a place that many use as a daily commute, and be in absolute awe.

This Forever 21 outfit continued with the theme of Minimalistic Modesty. So many said you’d add my entire previous outfit to your Wish List… But if you had to buy just one thing from the store, I would recommend this pale blue summer coat. The fit is perfect, with a longer (than usual) length, and loose enough to pile on the layers underneath in Winter.

But the best part? The price tag- R399! Head over to your closest Forever21 store to shop this look.