As I do not have to explicitly point out; I have stopped blogging. Well, rather not stopped per se, but I definitely have cut down. I blame it on all types of things when followers ask where I’ve been: my WiFi connection is too slow, campus takes up too much of my time, I don’t have clothes I like, or (I love this one) I need to wear this outfit a couple of hundred times before I can actually blog it.

Not one of these things actually impacted my blogging before, so I can’t understand why it should now. To be vaguely honest, I slipped into a comfort zone. I had so much going on in my life, that I let slip by something that made me so happy, and in a way, defined me. Not to say that I didn’t care about my blog that I grew and nurtured, but I simply drew happiness from other areas in my life.

One of the reasons I stopped as well was hormonal weight gain. I simply didn’t look great in photos anymore, so I wouldn’t do outfit posts at all. In fact, I’d even barely dress up unless I really had to. I stopped wearing heels as often, and just didn’t care much for fashion at all. What took 6 weeks to put on, took an entire year to get rid of (oh hi there, Murphy). While I’m back to what I used to be, it also took a huge knock at my confidence level. People would make ridiculous comments (on Instagram and other social media platforms) and no matter how many times people comment nice things, that one nasty thing always seems to stick in your mind more.

And I went through a stage where I simply didn’t feel like what I had to say was good enough anymore. I would often admire international bloggers: their high standards, their quality pictures and how they would jet set across the world for launches and fashion weeks. I simply felt not good enough to even be called a blogger. My little reviews and sometimes blurry pictures seemed so mediocre and not worthy of being put out there. Blogging became such a task; I’d post about a launch or product more out of courtesy rather than because I was excited about it. When I actually did get excited about something, I wouldn’t bother blogging it, because I figured “I haven’t blogged in forever, it’ll just seem so random”.

I was actually inspired by my friend Rohab to write this post; she reminded me how in first year I used to dress up daily. My makeup was perfect- even for 7:30am lectures. I would blog 5 times a week without fail, and always have interesting content. I’d hit milestone after milestone, and grow rapidly.

But everyone falls off the bandwagon now and then. Life happens, and we can either accept It, learn from it and take a step in the right direction, or stay stuck in the rut because the rut started getting a little too comfortable.

And with that, I’m all for getting back to blogging: to make that effort, and do it 100% for myself no matter what I’m going through in life. Here’s to a Secrets and Stilettos come back; let’s hope it’ll only grow bigger from here.