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I personally find mani’s and pedi’s can truly make a person look a lot more put together than the fanciest hairstyle. As a Muslim girl, getting a manicure generally means skipping the nail polish part, because you’ll have to remove it almost immediately to perform Wudhu (ablution for prayer).

There has been a lot of talk regarding the new nail polish by cosmetic company INGLOT regarding their O2M range of nail polish.

Nail polish itself is not Haraam (not permissible/against the religion of Islam). The issue with it, is that water cannot penetrate through nail polish thus making it problematic.  INGLOT’s O2M range is permeable to water, thus making it supposedly possible to make Wudhu over it.

But many debate whether it truly is “Halaal”. There has been a test performed regarding whether the water truly seeps through, and the answer is yes! Read more on the article here. It has also been approved by Imam Mustafa Umar.

So what’s your opinions, guys? Certified Halaal or still a little skeptical?

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