Alexander McQueen Inspired Key Ring | DIY

I decided to get a little crafty and do another DIY project. While searching through my inspiration folders, I came across the picture below. I cannot remember where I saved the picture from (so if you know, do leave a comment), and after searching, I finally gathered that it is by Alexander McQueen. I personally find skulls kind of disturbing (but if you like it, no judgement passed), so I initially intended to use a jaguar with emerald green eyes, but the oversized diamond looked better in the end.

inspiration- Alexander McQueen tassel keyring


  • Scrap leather
  • Fine liner
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Ring of your choice
  • Key ring (I just took one off an old one)

Measure thin strips (approx .5cm, you can always cut them thinner after you have assembled the key ring) and cut out. I had to colour in the back of mine with a permanent marker because the back wasn’t black.

Create a sunburst shape with the strips, right side down. Start with a “plus” sign and work around it. Then lift in the centre and fold down into a tassel. Secure by placing the ring over the folds.

Push the key “ring” through the folds

Done! Let me know if you try this tutorial!

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