Almost two weeks of the new year has already gone by, and that floors me. I think every year, we all hope that it’ll be “our year”; endless success in all areas of our lives, and a drive for the first few months like we have never experienced before. New years’ resolutions come and go, some actually mastered whereas others’ fizzled out and dragged into the next year. One thing that I have found that is constant every year is that there will be as many lows as they are highs. It’s inevitable, and as much as we want our years to be constant perfection for the next 365 days, it’s aspiring to the impossible. But that’s okay though, we need the midnight tears when everything feels like it’ll never be okay, to appreciate the midday sunshine basking on the beach when nothing seems to matter but the sound of crashing waves.


Dress: Cotton On, Bracelets: Mr Price, Necklaces: Lovisa, Flash Tattoo: Mr Price, Sunnies: Factorie

 IMG_8210 IMG_8159 IMG_8132 IMG_8120 IMG_8119 IMG_8113



The amazing girls at 27Pinkx recently gifted me the absolutely stunning Nudestix for eyes in Burnish. With everyone abuzz about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that recently took place in London, I have decided to recreate a similar look; gorgeous for the holidays!


The Victoria’s Secret Angels generally have glowing, healthy skin. I decided to keep it fairly simple, with a touch of Sorbet BB Cream, and Maybelline concealer. I posted this pic to show the correct way of applying concealer under your eyes to cover dark circles. This brightens your entire face. I also add a touch to my chin, down my nose and on my forehead for a glowing effect.

PS, I only ever use the Makeup Bullet to blend in my makeup now; it truly gives a seamless effect!

Buy it from 27Pinkx here

IMG_7641 IMG_7645

Finish off with a touch of pink blush. Another trait synonymous to VS! I am using MICA Beauty blush.

IMG_7664 IMG_7653 IMG_7659


I used Nudestix in Burnish all over my eye. It’s a gorgeous, deep gold tone and immediately brightens up your eyes. The shimmery tone plays up all shadows and gives a contouring and highlighting effect. The pen is double ended, with a sponge tip for blending


A touch of an iridescent shimmer on the inner corners prevents your eyes from looking red and tired. I used “Pearl” by NYX.

IMG_7696 IMG_7682

Using MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, I lined my eyes using the 27Pinkx lip brush. I prefer this, as it gives a thinner, more precise line. I also wing it out into a thin line. Mine is quite dramatic , and I prefer it that way, however, you can customize it to your preference and eye shape.

IMG_7701 IMG_7702


Finish off with lashings of mascara. I use L’Oreal Telescopic.

IMG_7704IMG_7710A smear of light pink lipstick (Revlon Colourburst in Elusive) and of course, a touch of Victoria’s Secret Lipgloss (Cupcake) in the center of your lips finishes off this look!

IMG_7727 IMG_7735


PS! You can win your very own Nudestix to recreate this look! check out my Instagram for more!




I had an entirely different post planned for today, but after spending some time with friends I realized there’s a certain misconception about what exactly it is I do.

I often have aunties come up to me and say “Oh you’re a designer? So nice. When you making me a dress?”. I loath it. I think Fashion Design is amazing, but unfortunately in the minds of many in my community, it has been reduced to an image in their head of Faruk-from-Fordsburg.

Fashion Design is hard work. My best friend, Rohab, is doing it and I have never seen someone work so hard to create something gorgeous. The time, creativity and effort put into it is immeasurable, and anyone who thinks it’s easy should give it a go (and, yes, I will laugh relentlessly when you miserably fail because you prejudged a career). Fashion is a necessity; a sense of Art. It’s 99% hard work and sleepless nights, and 1% glamour.


I was not cut out for it. In fact, I wouldn’t even attempt to do Fashion Design as a career because I’m much to laid back. I came to LISOF back in 2012, bright eyed and optimistic and dead set on becoming either: A Fashion Buyer or a writer for the likes of ELLE magazine. So with that, I chose subjects for my BA Degree such as Marketing, Media, Brand Management and Fashion Buying. Through this, I have broadened my horizons enough to get into just about any sector of the Fashion industry, from PR to copy writing and even film making.

Now, nearing the end of college, I have changed so much, and outgrown what I initially planned for my life. My Fashion Buying dreams were crushed when I realized that I am just about the only Indian in the world who cannot negotiate if my life depended on it, and I get my writing fix through blogging for myself, rather than a magazine.


So no, I cannot make clothes. I cannot even design clothes (Okay, I probably can, but I didn’t study it to be able to be the next Karl Lagerfeld). But I could manage and market the hell out of your brand. So that’s what I do, in less than 400 words. There’s a lot more to fashion than simply needle and thread.



There are two questions I always get asked: “How does your lipstick last even after you’ve eaten?” and “What red lipstick would suit my skintone?”.

I am one of the fortunate ones who is able to wear just about any red shade on my lips, from the deeper berry tones to the orangey firetruck reds. I LOVE red lipstick; it instantaneously brightens up my entire face, and and makes me look put together.

When it comes to choosing a shade for your skin tone, the L’Oreal team has you covered. Instead of simply naming each red colour by a catchy, exotic sounding name, they have come up with a Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Pure Red range, with brand ambassadors such as Blake Lively and Eva Longoria. So all you have to do is figure out which celebrity you have similar basic features to (hair, eye and skin colour) and you have your Pure Red match! That simple.



From the two colours above, Doutzen and Blake, I decided to go for Blake’s Pure Red shade. You also will need some translucent powder (or any setting powder) a big fluffy brush and tissues.


STEP ONE: Make sure your lips are super soft and moisturized. I love using a DIY scrub of sugar and olive oil to scrub my lips, then slather on some Baby Lips by Maybelline. Remember to blot off any excess lip balm, this will help keep your lipstick in place.


STEP TWO: I never, ever use lip liner. I don’t see the need. Lipstick formula’s have seriously improved since the days of bleeding, so why spend money on something unnecessary. Simply use the tip of the lipstick bullet to outline the shape of your lips easily, or use a lip brush. I prefer using the tube itself.


STEP THREE: Fill in your entire lip area with the lipstick in one layer.


STEP FOUR: Take a normal tissue and separate the two layers, to make one, thin layer.


STEP FIVE: Take a big fluffy brush and dip it into translucent powder. Don’t worry if there’s excess; the more, the better




STEP SIX: Press the single layer tissue against your lips and dust the translucent over it. This helps seal in the lipstick, without turning your lips white as the tissue acts as a filter.


STEP SEVEN: Add another layer of lipstick (or two. I usually go for more than one layer for a rich, intense look).


Look smug at how you can now eat a burger without your lipstick budging.

So easy! You can find the Colour Riche Collective Exclusive at Clicks Pharmacies.

Thanks to my sister Nazmira for being my photographer!


My poetry wishlist

Top Row:

Honey Trio Set | Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life Book | French Kitchen Spice Set

Bottom Row:

Wooden Boxed Earl Grey Tea | Table Settings Book | Round Board

Fancy pulling out a box of Earl Grey Tea when special guests arrive? Or how about getting inspiration from a gorgeous tablescape book? These are just some of the items I added to my Poetry Wishlist, as pictured above.


Poetry is one of those gorgeous stores that you simply cannot walk out empty handed. There’s always something to buy; be it something for yourself, your home or even a special gift. I had so much fun creating my wishlist, and decided to focus on entertaining and homely things instead of clothing.

All you have to do to WIN your entire wishlist (worth R5000!) is simply sign up on the Poetry site here, and start adding your lust have items to your wishlist. Once you have a few items (you don’t have to add all in one day, and can remove items too!) Simply share it on my Facebook page here and voila! You’re one step closer to having R5000 worth of Poetry gorgeousness.

Competition ends 16 December. Get wishing!

PS: If you like the items I’m wishing for as well, click on the links above to add to your own!


Hyde Park Pop Up Store, image via iFashion

YSL is one of those brands that, at just hearing the name, your first thought is absolute luxury. But beyond that, the story of Yves Saint Laurent remains a mystery to most.

To celebrate the brands 50th anniversary, themed “50 years of edgy”, a gorgeous, French themed YSL Beaute pop up shop has opened in Hyde Park Shopping Centre. Within it, you will find all sorts of gorgeousness: their breath-taking perfumes, iridescent makeup range and of course my favourite Touche Eclat

Filling the walls of the pop up are some of YSL’s most iconic pictures (with many flown in from Paris just for the store!), creates almost a sense of an art installation, rather than an actual store.

Hyde Park Pop Up Store, image via iFashion

The story of Yves Saint Laurent (who was from Africa, by the way!), is told beautifully through this pop up; so I won’t say much about it here, and rather urge you to just go and have a browse; it’s worth it!

To celebrate the “50 years of Edgy” anniversary and the commemoration of the Hyde Park pop up store, my sister Nazmira and I decided to team up with Malusi Malanga, YSL National Makeup Artist at YSL Edgars (you can make any other purchases not included at the Hyde Park store here) and create a makeup look synonymous for YSL, taking inspiration from the current face of YSL Beaute: Cara Delavigne.


With memorable elements from the YSL brand (that you can learn all about at the pop up in Hyde Park), namely, the ladies tux, dramatic makeup, an antique stairway and Cara’s eyebrows (I got lucky with that), Mal worked his magic.




Products used:

Face and Blush:

  • Le Tainte Touche Eclat
  • Touche Eclat
  • Rouge Pur Couture on the cheeks


  • Couture Palette
  • Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara
  • Waterproof eye pencil


  • Rouge Pur Couture
  • Dessin Des Levres lip pencil





IMG_7391 IMG_7396 IMG_7398 IMG_7414

Happy 50th anniversary, YSL!


If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you may realize that I change up my hair routine a lot. I love to try different products in my hair, and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, my hair gets “tired” of products too quickly. What works at first, slowly fades away after about 3 months, and I have to switch up. This is divided into two parts: In Shower and Pre-Styling


John Frieda <Frizz Ease Hydrating Shampoo>

John Frieda <Frizz Ease Dream Curls Conditioner>

If you have hair that is prone to frizz, this product is a must. I have never used a shampoo and conditioner that actually delivers what it says. I could never simply walk out the shower without blow drying my hair, out of fear of looking like a lion (no joke). I have slightly wavy hair, and the dream curls conditioner truly gives it more definition and body. Most of all, I am obsessed at how full and fluffy my hair is with this shampoo! I love big, voluminous hair and usually needed dry shampoo to get it that way; not with this. It’s leaves my hair light and airy throughout the day.


When I was sent these products called milk_shake, I was extremely excited. I had heard of the brand before, and heard amazing reviews. For the passed month, I have been putting these two products to the test. See the review below

milk_shake <leave in conditioner>

I don’t like leave in conditioners. I feel like it makes my hair heavy, greasy and I have to wash it again by the next day. Not the case with this one though; I gradually built up the amount of product I use. I started off with just 3 sprays on the very tips of my hair. I now sometimes spray up to 10 sprays if my hair is feeling particularly coarse from the middle through to the end on wet hair. It really helps lock in moisture and keeps my hair shiny and light.

milk_shake <conditioning whipped cream>

Between the two products, this one is my favourite. It. Is. Amazing. It smells like fresh buttercream you’d put over just baked cupcakes, and looks like canned fresh cream. I had to stop myself from “just” giving it a little taste. This product is meant to be a heat protective whipped cream. I use it before I blow dry my hair, and I have definitely seen an improvement in split ends. I’ve tried every heat protective spray under the sun, and all seem to be incredibly oily. This one is super light and frothy, and I love that you can actually see and control where the product is going on your hair so you can concentrate on the ends.

The milk_shake range are of salon quality but still affordable. If your hair issues relate to mine, give these a go, you won’t regret it!



Online shopping is on the rise in South Africa. The simplicity and ease of purchasing from the comfort of my bed is basically the first part of what dreams are made of; the second being the excitement of receiving your package!


(Salya, R249,95. available at shoemanor.com)

The concept of Shoe Manor is to match style with affordability: basically what every girl wants. Although Shoe Manor is relatively new, stock will be updated regularly as the seasons progress. What I absolutely love about the online site is how absolutely easy it is to navigate. I prefer simplicity over complicated fancy sites where you have to go through 35 pages before you get to what you’re looking for.


(Glee, R479,99. available at shoemanor.com)

I am such an advocate for South African entrepreneurs starting businesses such as these, especially in the online sector. Basically revolutionizing the industry!

Go check out the rest of the fabulous footwear from shoemanor.com, and don’t forget to keep up with them on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) for updated news on sales, new stock and anything shoe related!


“OMG. I HAVE to have these flatforms!” said no sane person, ever.

I don’t get it. I came into the fashion industry to fall (more) in love with things glamorous. Instead, I was whacked over the head with a certain skull knuckleduster clutch bag (ahem), and told that I have to like “deconstructed” fashion, because Margiella said so.

There are few things I detest more than ugly fashion. Fashion enthusiasts try so hard to be “different”, to the point where it’s no longer fashion, it’s just a bunch of nonsense thrown together to get attention (read: Nicki Minaj). Also, “just” because it’s designer doesn’t mean it’s nice. Fashion really needs to get back it’s class. Here are my die-right-this-second “fashion” trends I’m seeing a little too much of this season.



And socks and shoes/sandals, while we’re at it. Please stop, guys. there’s nothing flattering and feminine about both these shoes and the socks and sandals vibe. I don’t care how comfy you are, you might as well wear Crocs.


I have no words. Just don’t.


I went into Cotton On, who would usually stock amazing, heels, and was greeted with this. These used to be cute when I was 4, but no grown woman should ever have an excuse to wear this. (And what is with the socks and shoes??)

Any trends that you’ve been seeing crop up that you think society should give a miss? Comment below!