I remember this phase of my life; I just got my hands on my ever so generous mom’s new Estee Lauder gift set, complete with a variety of eye shadows, blushes, lipstick and, of course, a brand new eyeliner pencil (I don’t know what it is about Tweens, but the first thing they usually go for is pencil liner). I visited my elder sister Nazmira in London, and after not seeing her for 6 months I forgot what it was like to have her around. So as I woke up one morning, reached out for my makeup I was greeted with, “What are you putting on your eyes? You can’t use that! And tie up your hair. ” Much to my dismay, I had to listen.

Tweens these days, however, would probably throw a tantrum complete with, “You’re not the boss of me!”, some door banging and panda eyes as rebellion (see Taylor Momsen, aka Jenny from Gossip Girl).

The best you can do is embrace this phase, and give a little help to younger sisters, cousins or any little girl that may look up to you. Guidance is key; plus you’ll definitely be considered the “cool” aunt. (Although, to me this starts at around the age of 12)


tween kit


1. BB Cream. I wish I had this stuff in my teenage years. Acceptable to wear as a moisturizer, whilst still giving light coverage to problem skin is just about the best invention the beauty world has seen! I would opt for a BB cream like The Body Shop’s Vitamin E version, as it simultaneously works as a treatment. Available from Clicks or The Body Shop stores.

2. Gel liner. I have a niece who’s 14, and on occasion she is allowed to wear a tad bit of makeup. I sat with her with a liner brush, some gel liner and taught her precisely how to apply it without it looking too obvious. Gel liner is a much smarter option as opposed to pencil, as it smudges a lot less and can be thinned down to a subtle line. I really love MAC fluidline, but if you’re looking for a cheaper version, check Essence makeup from Clicks stores.

3. Blush. If there’s one thing that can really bring life into skin, it’s blush. A pale pink shade will keep from looking clown like, and, lets face it, nothing quite makes you feel like a girl like a big fluffy brush to the apples of your cheeks! I would go for a relatively cheap blush such as Essence silky touch blush.

4. Still too young for lipstick, but (hopefully) passed that phase of too thick, too shiny lipgloss. My favourite are the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms. They really do make your lips feel amazing, with a slight colour; perfect!

Make a point of teaching your younger person how to use everything properly; Instead of doing their makeup, sit with them in front of a mirror and show them how to perfect each step. They’ll really appreciate it in the long run!

Optional extras:

  • Makeup wipes. I love using baby wipes to wipe off my face after a long day, and they work wonders on taking off gel liner!
  • Brushes to match; you don’t need a lot of these, but giving a good base to build up on is a good idea
  • A mini makeup bag/case. There’s nothing quite as special as having a little bag *just* for their stuff.

Do you have any extra advice? Any tween experiences with makeup you remember? Share below!





I am such a sucker for comfort food in  this weather, so yesterday morning I could not think of anything better to whip up than mini chocolate chip muffins. I haven’t made these before, so I looked for a recipe with “best” in it, 5 star ratings and checked all the reviews for improvements.

I used this recipe, with a few editions. I placed the recipe on an image, to make it easier for printing purposes and to simply save the image for later reference.

Chocolate chip muffin recipe sns








It’s so easy to complain about this weather, and, if you live in Johannesburg, the terrible traffic and potholes that have now become ponds. But like everything, there’s always a silver lining, even when the weather is feeling under the weather. Here are guilty pleasures that can only be saved for a rainy day.

Hot chocolate. Nothing can top this (aside for actual toppings, in which case go all out, like this)

Read that book you’ve been putting off because you just don’t have time. Now is the time

… Or write something; nothing more perfect than releasing all your feelings on a clean page whilst listening to the pitter patter of rain drops

Wear your coziest sweater ever if you’re staying in doors

Or make use of your fashionable Hunters if you’re headed out.

What are your rainy weather guilty pleasures?



When you’re a beauty blogger, you don’t realize that tips like “use gel liner instead of liquid liner” may make sense to you, but could be completely baffling to your neighbour that didn’t even know of gel liner’s existence. The beauty world and it’s hundreds of new ground breaking products can be rather intimidating, so I have summed up my top 3 practical beauty tips that I use every day (and have nothing to do with spotting the difference between BB cream and CC cream).




This is going to be one of those “why didn’t I think of that!” moments. Ever since I have been allowed to wear mascara and eyeliner, I have been using a black face towel. No matter how well you think you’ve cleansed your face, there will always be that tiny bit of mascara that is left behind when you dry up. Switch up the white for black. You’ll thank me when you’re doing the laundry.



A comment I get often is “how does your hair have THAT much of volume?” I got it from my mamma. My hair isn’t all that thick, but it’s pretty fluffy. I was reading up on how to get Victoria’s Secret Bombshell hair (because who doesn’t want that?) and a hair stylist suggested using dry shampoo on clean hair. Instant volume. I usually do this if I have washed my hair in the morning, and it needs a little lift come evening. My pick: Tresemme Instant Dry.



It’s a laborious task, but well worth it. If you’re prone to having eyeliner/mascara smudging down and making you look raccoon-like, do this:

  • a dot of primer (I use Inglot) 
  • a dot of concealer (I use L’Oreal)
  • a whole lot of either face powder or translucent powder (I use Essence Matte translucent powder) 

Just layer it all up, and your eyeliner will stay put all day!

What beauty tips can you share? Leave a comment below!






With just about every university in South Africa having started college, one of the hardest parts of the day is trying to figure out what to wear. Below, a fun list of what you should have in your cupboard, and some inspiration for those I-have-nothing-to-wear days. Definitely one to bookmark!

Unconventional essentials

Yes, 3 pairs of basic jeans is a must in a college wardrobe, thank you Captain Obvious, but what about the little extras that will make a difference in your college wardrobe life that you haven’t actually thought of?

Ankle Grazers

They’re the Holy Grail of the jeans world. I absolutely hate jeans that rouge at the bottom on me, because it automatically adds on 5kg. Find a brand that fits your body well, and don’t assume that that means Guess or Sissy Boy. My favourite, long lasting jeans are from Cotton On; no matter how many times I’ve washed them, they have never lost shape or discoloured.


I have a black, covers-your-whole-face pair, and gold aviators. I generally wear the latter. It was never the first thing that I would pick up during my first few months of campus (before I started driving there myself) and I always regretted it when having lunch outside. Also, they cover up evidence of all-nighters and make you look amazing in impromptu pictures. Score.

A bag that fits everything (including your laptop inside)

I found a big, gorgeous bag on sale for just R200 at Zara last year. It’s sturdy, a neutral dark colour that doesn’t get dirty (and can easily be wiped down if it does) and is easy to carry in my hand or on my shoulder. I keep a smaller, flat clutch inside it with my wallet, Labello and other essentials that I can just grab if I’m heading out for lunch.

Two pairs of flats that go with EVERYTHING

A black pair and a nude pair; or maybe a tan flat and a white Converse. You know what works for your wardrobe and personal style. I have a silver and a gold flat that I wear almost always, because it works with anything, and adds a bit of glamour to an otherwise casual college outfit.

Cardigans, tank tops and scarves

I listed these three together, because you can never have enough. Going to college and deciding what to wear EVERYDAY is a daunting task on its own, but somewhat bearable if you have at least three of these to switch up.

Go for brighter scarves, neutral, high quality tank tops and a mix of neutral and bright cardigans. And keep a cardigan and scarf in your bag or car; it’ll come in handy.

A denim jacket, leather jacket and a blazer

If you’re wearing jeans, the leather jacket will save you from icy days, and if you’re wearing anything else, a denim jacket will always look chic. Make sure that they fit perfectly. Tan or black leather jackets work best, and the greenish hued denim works better than traditional blue. You cannot go wrong with a blazer, either. Sometimes a little difficult to wear over other layers in winter, but work perfectly in transitional months or those random rainy days.

And to end this off, here is some major inspiration











































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Top: Mango; Jersey: Zara; Jeans: Cotton On; Bag: Forever New

{P.S: People are always asking me which red lipstick I use. The one I am wearing in these pictures is MAC Viva Glam, however it is currently sold out. I absolutely love MAC Ruby Red; it’s a very similar shade as well. The staying power of MAC red lipsticks is absolutely phenomenal. These pictures were taken at around 6pm, after wearing it all day and having breakfast and lunch without reapplying!}